S1E2 “House of the Rising Son”

We begin this episode by embarking on another tour through New Orleans. I’m starting to sense a running theme.

“The city of New Orleans,” exclaims all-powerful leader, Marcel Girard, “people of all stripes and flavors from all over the country come here to party on our streets. Some are just looking for fun, some are looking for something a little darker, more dangerous. So we invite them into our home, and give it to them. Then at the stroke of midnight, everything changes, and its time to feed.”

On screen we see one of Marcel’s classic raves being turned into dinner time for the vampires. Marcel is up above watching the chaos, while explaining his methods to Klaus. In walks Thierry, Marcel’s trusted advisor, to inform him of the latest situation. Apparently six nightwalkers were killed outside the Quarter, but who could have possibly done such a thing? We get a glimpse of Rebekah Mikaelson driving away in a lavish car, wiping blood off her cheek and smiling. Oh Rebekah, you look so cute right after murder.

Meanwhile, at the plantation house Rebekah drives up leaving another worried message for Elijah. Only, Elijah cannot call back because he is somewhere daggered in a box. That’s when Rebekah meets Hayley, she’s as charming as ever mistaking Hayley for the maid while screaming for Klaus to tell her where Elijah is.

As Rebekah is searching the house for Elijah, we are gifted flashbacks of when the Mikaelson’s once lived in the plantation house in 1820. We learn that Rebekah once loved the governors son, so naturally, Klaus killed him. We are given Rebekah’s perspective of events and through her eyes, you hate to admit, Klaus looks like a cruel and brutal brother, of whom deserves Rebekah’s ire.

“Well, he wasn’t good enough for you.” Explains Klaus.

“No one was ever good enough for me, Nik. You made sure of that. Now where’s Elijah?”

Klaus recieves a text from Marcel asking him to meet for drinks, queuing Klaus’ exit. Meanwhile, Rebekah enlists Hayley for help in the search for Elijah. This unlikely duo ventures down into the dusty cellar where the Mikaelson family coffins are on, how Hayley puts it, “stand-by.” However, this macabre sight hardly fazes Rebekah, and she concludes that Elijah’s coffin isn’t here.

“Where to next Rebekah?”

“To go vamp around Sophie Deveraoux and make her totally freak out, before I demand she help me find Elijah!”


Sophie brings Rebekah to the creepy cemetery, and informs her she can’t do magic without punishment from Marcel because he has a way to tell when a witch is doing magic, and the witches can’t leave because they practice ansestral magic. Because Rebekah has hit a roadblock, she tells Sophie how idiotic her plan is of bringing down Marcel at the hands of Klaus because “Klaus loved him like a son.”


“I was there the day they met. We were burying Emil, the governors only son. Or so we thought. Turns out the governor had another son, from a mother he owned.”

Klaus sees the boy, screaming in pain as the whip comes overtop of him another time. Angered by his torment, the boy retaliates by throwing an apple at his oppressor, which results in another blow. However, at this sight Klaus intervenes and kills the man and asks the boy for his name. Only the boy doesn’t have one, so Klaus names him Marcellus. After the “god of war.”

Returning back to present day, Klaus and Marcel are out drinking. Klaus notices that Marcel’s attention is elsewhere, and follows his gaze to the brave bartender, Cami. Klaus is wondering aloud why Marcel hasn’t just eaten her yet, but he’s wondering to himself how he could use this to his advantage. Marcel tries to change the subject to the tourists in transition, and Marcel assumes they were drunk and fell when the vampire blood was still in their system. But, as Cami is walking away to leave, Marcel is still clearly distracted by her, so he decides to help Marcel out by supplying the lamest line.

“Excuse me love? What’s that your studying?”

“Abnormal psychology.”

“Abnormal psychology. Well…” Klaus shuffles Cami to their table, “perhaps you could help me diagnose my friend over here. He’s been a little bit depressed. Can’t keep his mind of a girl, he says she’s a queen, fit for a king.” LAME. “I think he should just cut his losses and move on. What’s your professional opinion?”

Cami, playing along says, “be a nice guy. And maybe the opportunity will present itself one day.”

Marcel decides to jump in and ask Cami out, she says she’ll consider it.

Next we find Hayley, she’s at a witches shop looking for wolfsbane. Why would she want wolfsbane when it hurts werewolves? We get the answer when Hayley says she wants to kill a little wolf. The witch helps her, but when Hayley leaves she calls someone and tells them if you want to gain points, tell Marcel there is a werewolf in the Quarter. Mysterious. Not to mention problematic, being that a woman, needing help, goes to another woman thinking that she’ll understand, but instead rats her out. Shameful.

Meanwhile, Marcel takes Klaus to go see the two people in transition. Marcel makes a contest out of it. Seeing as he doesn’t want to turn them both I guess. Whoever picks up the coin will be a vampire, the other will die. There is a guy and a girl, of whom Marcel refers to as “cute dorky girl” and “gay best friend.” Marcel drops the coin and the girl snatches it up. The “gay best friend” is betrayed and hurt, while the “cute dorky girl” starts looking crazy and manic while she justifies her actions. Marcel snaps her neck.

“I have a thing about people betraying their friends.”

Woah. Subtext.

Marcel is taking a phone call and Klaus is escorting Josh (the gay best friend) into the car when you see Rebekah overhead watching.


A young Marcel is fencing with Rebekah. It’s clear he has his first crush. How sweet.

Adult Marcel and Rebekah are now fencing. Marcel goes in for the kiss, but before he could Klaus walks in.

Back to the present, Marcel interrupts Rebekah’s memories and claims to not want to get in the middle of Mikaelson family drama.


Marcel is trying, and failing, to convince Klaus that there’s nothing going on between him and Rebekah. However the conversation quickly takes a turn when Marcel asks why Klaus hasn’t turned him into a vampire yet. This is a side of Marcel we haven’t seen. We’ve seen confident Marcel. But never vulnerable.

We return to present day, and Rebekah asks Marcel if he is still afraid of Klaus.

“I’m afraid of no one.”

Then he vamps off.

We find Klaus at Rousseau’s, enjoying a drink, when Marcel storms in.

This whole interaction is fantastic:

“I know that face. Woman trouble.”

“Your a dick. You know that! Why didn’t you tell me your sister’s is back in town?

“I thought it more amusing for you to find out for yourself.”

“Is there anything else I need to know?”

“Only, she’s grown considerably more insane in the last century.”

“Or, maybe, it was her who killed my guys.”

“Doubtful. Unless that biker bar is frequented by small-town high school quarterbacks, I can’t imagine she’d be interested.”

*Marcel’s phone rings*

*Thierry:* “Just got a tip. Someone saw a werewolf in Bienville Park.”

“Get a couple of nightwalkers to run it down. Bring me back its head.”

*Marcel hangs up*

“Well, I guess that solves the mystery of the murdered riff raff. I guess my sister’s in the clear.”

“About that. I don’t have time for Mikaelson family drama. You’re my guest. Keep your sister in line.”

“I’d have a greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!”

Meanwhile, we find Hayley sitting alone in a park. She hasn’t taken the wolfsbane, she’s talking herself into it.

When a vampire vamps in out of nowhere, Hayley throws the wolfsbane/vervain combination into his face. Two other vampires show up, but not to worry, Rebekah swoops in and rips their hearts out.

At the plantation house, Klaus has stacked the dead vampires into a pile perturbed because they are supposed to be keeping a low profile. Rebekah starts accusing Klaus of not being proactive, so Klaus reveals his master plan.

  1. Kill acouple of the people who still had vampire blood in their system from Marcel’s party, so they’ll turn into vampires and Klaus can compel them before they consume any vervain (which resulted in Josh)
  2. Compel Josh
  3. Compel Cami to go out with Marcel and report back what she finds out
  4. Drain the vampire who is still alive of vervain so he could compel him to tell Marcel “his mates found religion and moved to Utah” to explain why he lost more vampires

Back in the house, Klaus demands why Hayley was out in the French Quarter in the first place, and her answer results in Klaus choking the life out of her. Rebekah stops him, and reminds him once again, that its okay to care. And all Elijah and Rebekah have ever wanted for him was to be happy. Feeling guilty, Klaus reveals that he gave Elijah to Marcel as a sign of good faith.

Out on the front porch, Rebekah and Hayley have a heart to heart.


Marcel and Rebekah are caught kissing, so Klaus daggers Rebekah.

Hayley appreciates all of Rebekah’s help so Hayley gives Rebekah the daggers that she found under their coffins.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Cami are on a date! But it doesn’t last all of two seconds before Rebekah storms in demanding that Marcel release Elijah. Being that Rebekah did a lot of vampire stuff in front of Cami, Marcel compels her to forget and to go home. And Marcel takes Rebekah to the attic where he is holding the young and very powerful witch, Davina. Davina uses her magic to throw Rebekah out a window. Ouch.


Rebekah is waking up from being daggered, and Klaus is sitting across from her.

“Well, its about time. I was bored waiting, but I did so want to see your face, and it is indeed priceless.”

“You bastard. What day is it?”


“I have been daggered for a whole week? Marcel, what have you done to him?”

“Its 1887, Rebekah. You’ve been daggered for 52 years.”


“And don’t worry about Marcel, I presented him with a choice. He could choose to live out the rest of his human days with you, or I could turn him instead, as he’s always wanted, in exchange for giving you up.”

“No. He wouldn’t do that to me.”

“Oh, but he did.”

In present day Rebekah is laying in what was her old room, but is now Marcel’s. Marcel threatens Rebekah telling her that was once hers and her brothers is now his. Oh, and by the way, don’t ever touch Cami again.

Back at the plantation house, Hayley is sleeping and Klaus is snooping through her things wondering if she took the poison. Hayley wakes up and assures him that she didn’t. When she was fighting off the vampires, she was protecting the baby as well as herself. Klaus respects her strength, and calls her once again his endearing nickname for her, “little wolf.” Oh, and he’ll make sure they’ll have proper air conditioning.

Rebekah storms in the house and informs Klaus that Marcel’s secret weapon is Davina the Teenage Witch. Only, she can’t remember where she was because she wiped her memory of the location. Both Klaus and Rebekah vow to do what ever it takes to get Elijah back.

There you have it, the second episode of The Originals!

Power Rankings:

#5 goes to… HAYLEY MARSHALL!

For taking back your agency.

#4 goes to… MARCEL GIRARD!

For fencing, swimming, and kissing.

#3 goes to… DAVINA CLAIRE!

For being being badass Davina the Teenage Witch.

#2 goes to… KLAUS MIKAELSON!

For being the diabolical genius we all know and love.


For your conviction and perseverance.

“It’s okay to care. Its okay to want something. That’s all Elijah was trying to do, all he’s ever wanted for you, all we’ve ever wanted.” -Rebekah Mikaelson


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