S1E3 “Tangled Up in Blue”

We begin with voice over from the dearly missed Elijah Mikaelson. Hayley is sitting on the floor of the plantation house reading through Elijah’s old diary, while we hear Elijah’s voice reading along with her. Its a nice parallel to Elena Gilbert when she does her classic beginning voice over diary entries in The Vampire Diaries.

The sequence is visually interesting, it cuts from Elijah’s accounts from the past in voice over to paralleling flashes of Rebekah ripping out hearts to Hayley watching Klaus burn bodies.

“August 1359. I have noticed a difference in my siblings. Are bond strains beneath the pressure of our life as vampires. Each day removes them further from the humanity we once possessed. My sweet sister Rebekah has grown quite indifferent to brutality. However, the true problem remains in my brother Niklaus. He continues to hide his loneliness with cruelty. Still, I cling to the hope that I, as their eldest brother, can lead them down the correct path, a path charged with a power of a family united… for if I fail, our family’s legacy will end in darkness.”

Upon reading this, Hayley is now more motivated than ever in getting Elijah back from Marcel. She charges into the room, holding Elijah’s diary close to her chest, and wants to know what the plan is. Plan A is to just ask for Elijah back. It’s so simple it just might work. To which Hayley asks, “what’s plan B?” And Klaus responds, in typical Klaus fashion, “war.”

We transition to Marcel’s compound as he’s getting a suit fitted and Thierry, his closest friend, assures Marcel that the tourists that went missing (Josh and the other girl), will not become a cause of concern by the humans because he had his guy at the docks be an eyewitness to watching both of them fall drunkingly in the Mississippi. Thierry has other qualms however, claiming that “ever since the Mikaelson’s rolled into town,” but doesn’t get to finish his thought when Klaus walks in. Marcel, the formidable host, asks what he could do for him, and Klaus enacts plan A. Thierry gets all worked up of course, so Marcel has to break them up and takes Klaus outside. Marcel gives a little exposition about Thierry’s past, according to Marcel he’s overprotective, loyal, and can play the trumpet. Marcel found him in the forties dying of a war wound, “he’ll kill for me and die for me.” But back to Elijah, the answer is no… but your coming to my party right? In this context it sounds very juvenile, but that’s basically what happens.

Being that vampires cannot hold regular 9 to 5 jobs, most are philanthropists. Giving your existence over to philanthropy is great and all, however, I always wondered about the mechanics of the economic survival of a vampire. Do vampires have a social security number (especially the super old ones)? How does one accumulate wealth through out time, without actually working? Is everyone at the IRS compelled?

But the reason I voiced my wonderings in this episode is because Marcel is holding a charity event at his compound.

Meanwhile, Rebekah calls for an update as Klaus is watching Josh pathetically stab someone in the abdomen. Rebekah and Klaus agree to plan B. Rebekah’s task is to “handle Sophie Deveraux,” while Klaus is trying to show Josh proper torture techniques to drain this nightwalker of vervain.

So, Rebekah takes Sophie to Katie’s shop for more plan B shenanigans.

Key piece of information: Katie; the witch that owns the shop of witchy things and who also sold out Hayley, is Thierry’s girlfriend. And when Rebekah informs Klaus of this scandalous detail, Klaus delights in the opportunity to be the manipulative puppet master he is.

Back at the plantation house, Rebekah and Klaus demand that Sophie be apart of plan B in order to get Elijah back. Sophie acts surprised to find out that Davina has been holding Elijah, but is otherwise hesitant to help in any sort of murderous Mikaelson scheme.

The plan, as they have layed out, is to have Sophie Deveraoux preform a locator spell to find Elijah by getting Katie to preform much powerful magic at the same time so Davina won’t sense it. Sophie inevitably agrees to the plan because Sophie’s sister Jane Ann was hiding out a cargo hold before she was captured, and Katie’s boyfriend Thierry manages the business at the docks making him the one who gave Jane Ann to Marcel.

Back at the compound, Klaus is planting seeds of distrust between Thierry and Marcel, claiming that he’s “fraternizing with the enemy.” Klaus then suggests that the nightwalkers that never returned could have been a trap set by the witches. Marcel doesn’t much care for this idea so…

“Maybe I’ll send a little message. Thierry! Take a team of nightwalkers to the cauldron tonight. Do a little rousting… oh and Thierry, make it nasty.”

Meanwhile, Rebekah is out at Rousseau’s talking to Cami, trying to get the scoop on her and Marcel. But Cami reveals that there is hardly anything to scoop. So, Rebekah invites Cami to Marcel’s charity event tonight, and she accepts. I sense another plan brewing.

Rebekah calls Klaus, giving the audience the explanation of how Katie is going to be motivated to preform such powerful magic to hide Sophie’s spell.

  1. Have Klaus’s compelled nightwalker attack Katie while they’re rousting the cauldron
  2. Resulting in Thierry killing said compelled nightwalker
  3. Marcel punishing Thierry for breaking his rule of not killing vampires
  4. Katie performs powerful magic to prevent said punishment of Thierry
  5. Finding Elijah in all the chaos

Its rather brilliant.

Steps 1 and 2 of Klaus’ plan are being carried out as the coolest party is being held at Marcel’s compound. Everyone is wearing a fabulous costume and there seems to be Circus du Soleil up above the event. Needless to say, it’s defiantly the party of the year.

After Rebekah and Klaus take it all in, they’re both seemingly distracted by the same person. Cami gets her Cinderella moment as everyone takes in her beauty… especially Klaus.

“What’s she doing here?”

“What better way to distract Marcel than to put his very human, new girl in a room chock full of vampires?”

Rebekah zooms her way to Cami’s side to tell her how amazing she looks. Up above Marcel sees this interaction and looks unsettled. Marcel grills Rebekah about why Cami is here, and while Klaus is keeping Cami company, sassy Cami unleashes.

“The guy of hers Rebekah was talking about… I’m sensing that would be Marcel.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. Ancient history.”

“I’m beginning to think your sister is a bit of a bitch.”

“Haha! It’s as though she invented the term.”

When Klaus leaves Cami to go speak to Rebekah, Marcel tries to explain to Cami why he didn’t invite her. However, Cami is really cool about it and insists that Marcel enjoy his party. 

“And leave you alone? Looking the way you do? The hell with that.”

Meanwhile, at the plantation house Hayley is taking a night stroll in the backyard near the swimming pool. But Sabine pops out of nowhere while Hayley spots a wolf watching her. Sabine claims the wolf is drawn to her because the baby is part vampire, part werewolf. To help Hayley, Sabine offers to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl.

Back at the party, Marcel and Cami are slow dancing to some Lana Del Rey while Rebekah and Klaus are creepily watching them. But Diego, one of Marcel’s trusted few, interrupts and informs him of the situation with Thierry. Marcel is doing his best to hide his anger from Cami, but is failing. That becomes clear when Marcel excuses himself to Cami and walks over to Thierry and grabs his throat to pull them out of the party. It looks like Klaus got the anger he was looking for.

Rebekah leaves to make sure Sophie will do the locator spell. And Sophie is comforting Katie in the creepy cemetery while suggesting that perhaps there is something Katie can do for Thierry… 

We then cut to Davina in her attic sensing that there is magic being done.

Back at the party, Marcel, Thierry, and other vampires are overhead the festivities arguing about Thierry’s rule breaking. No matter what Thierry says Marcel seems to become more livid. Then Josh comes over and shows Marcel the spell that’s used to make daylight rings was found at Katie’s shop. Which was the work of Klaus because he is compelling Josh. 

“Still my friend huh? That’s funny because it looks to me like that little witch of yours got her hands on a spell that I keep locked away.”

“Marcel, I’ve never seen that!”

“Shut up! I see on your hand you still have the daylight ring I gave you. So what would you need with a recipe for new ones? Unless you and Katie were going to go off and start a little kingdom of your own.”

“Marcel, no!”

“Here’s a lesson in friendship. Friends don’t lie to me, they don’t break my rules, and they don’t steal what is mine!” Marcel takes a beat to consider his options then, “for the crime of murdering one of his own, I sentence Thierry Vanchore to one hundred years in the garden.”

What’s the garden? We don’t know yet, but if Marcel is giving it as a punishment I doubt its a nice landscape filled with daisies and bunny rabbits.

Up next… Katie’s revenge! As Marcel and his vampires are escorting Thierry to the garden, Katie does her powerful witchy stuff to save him. At the same time, Sophie is off with Rebekah doing a locator spell to find Elijah. In a shocking turn of events, Klaus kills Katie before she can kill Marcel with a stake, resulting in the locator spell failing because they didn’t have enough time to do the spell.

Marcel gives his thanks to Klaus back at the compound. Marcel asks Klaus about Cami, and Klaus reassures him that she just saw an argument and its nothing that can’t be fixed. 

“You really like her, don’t you?”

“I like that she’s not apart of any of this. Sometimes its good to see the world the way the humans do.”

“I am sorry about Thierry you know. I can tell he was a good friend.”

“I made him what he was. Obviously my trust was misplaced.”

“Doesn’t make it easier.”

“You saved me tonight. I guess I owe you one. You asked for your brother back. Seems the least I can do.”

Looks like Klaus killed two birds with one stone. Now off to fix things with Cami. Klaus stops at Rousseau’s to convince Cami to give Marcel another chance. They have a little bit of a moment but Klaus decides to keep it professional, as he needs her to take down Marcel. So Klaus being Klaus, he compels Cami to remember that she had a great time with Marcel at his party, and feels badly that Marcel got into a fight with his friend.

At the plantation house Rebekah is less than pleased because she believes they have failed in the task of bringing Elijah back home. But Klaus is like au contraire, I got Marcel to trust me while also getting his word that he’ll bring Elijah back. But Rebekah is still mad because Sophie trusted him to follow the plan. 

Klaus goes to check on Hayley and tells her that Elijah will be coming back soon. She’s visibly happy by this news. As Klaus is turning away, she reveals that they’re having a girl. Yay! Where can we get pink balloons in the French Quarter?

Oh! Almost forgot! While Sabine was doing her witchy stuff to find out the sex of the baby she started having some witch attack and was saying words in a different language, this could be cause of concern for Hayley so she is trying to Google the translation but is coming up short.

As we end the episode we are gifted another Elijah voice over.

“There are moments when I doubt my family is capable of redemption… yet each time I am tempted to surrender, I see it, the glimmer of goodness that allows me to believe.”

There you have it! A very sexy and exciting episode of The Originals!

Power Rankings:

#5 goes to… CAMI O’CONNELL!

For sticking to your principles and getting your Cinerella moment.


For doing something when no one else is.

#3 goes to… MARCEL GERARD!

For being charming, sexy, and terrifying all in one episode. Lets be real, all in one scene.


For having Elijah’s back.

#1 goes to… KLAUS MIKAELSON!

For always being one step ahead.

“Depends on what you mean, love. My plan for global domination. Or Rebekah’s plan to find love in a cruel cruel world.” -Klaus Mikaelson


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