S1E4 “Girl in New Orleans”

We do so love opening voice overs, and lucky for us in this episode everyone’s favorite hybrid will deliver his own patented “I’m misunderstood” monologue.

“Over the course of my life, I’ve encountered no shortage of those who would resume to speak of good and evil. Such terms mean nothing. People do what’s in their best interest, regardless of who gets hurt. Is it evil to take what one wants, to satisfy hunger, even in doing so will cause another suffering? What some will call evil, I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world.”

We then discover that Klaus wasn’t just monologuing into the abyss, he was talking to the brave bartender, Cami. Cami and Klaus are standing inside the plantation house, while Klaus is staring at the painting that they were both admiring in the pilot. Cami asks what she’s doing here, and Klaus explains, as vaguely as possible, that he one: enjoys her company and two: needs Cami to spy on Marcel. Cami objects, as any normal person would, and she makes it three whole episodes before the truth about vampires is revealed to her. Honestly Cami, I’m glad you lasted at least that long.

So yes, Klaus tells Cami about vampires and to keep her from being afraid, he compels her not to be, and to also report back anything on Marcel.

Meanwhile, in the attic, Davina the Teenage Witch is complaining to Marcel about not being able to find a way to kill an Original. Marcel however, has changed his intentions because Klaus saved his life so he wants to give Elijah back to Klaus. Davina is not happy to hear that and convinces Marcel to keep him a little longer, she’s also not done making demands. When Marcel refuses to let her go to the music festival tonight she boils his blood until he complies. Is this the moment we all fell in love with Davina? I think it is.

Back at Rousseau’s, Cami is cleaning up tables and doing her bartender thing when Klaus walks in. Their back and forth is rather interesting, so here’s the dialogue:

“Hello, Cami.” Says Klaus, as he saunters over to Cami’s side.

“How is it that when you come up to me now, and no else is around I suddenly remember that you just told me that you’re a vampire and you’re mind controlling me, and then you leave, and I go back to thinking that you’re just some hot guy with a cute accent and money to burn on your sprawling memoir?”

“Well, that’s how compulsion works, love.”

“Yeah, but what’s happening? Is it hypnosis, are my neurons being shut down somehow?”

“You’re always the curious scholar. Lets talk about Marcel,” says Klaus as he leads Cami into a booth. “You said you have a little information for me.”

“He’s bringing someone to the music festival tonight, a girl he’s mentoring. Apparently she’s going through a hard time, rebelling against authority, anger issues, that sort of thing. I guess with my psych degree he figured I could set her straight; but I said no.”

“I’m going to go ahead and insist you change your answer to yes.”

“You’re gonna force me to do this aren’t you? Why even bother with politeness?”

“Because I like you. I like the way your mind works. Under different circumstances, I think we might be friends. However, I don’t have the luxury of passing up tonight’s opportunity. You see, in addition to being Marcel’s rather potent secret weapon, this girl Davina is holding my brother captive. In other words,” Klaus quickly invades Cami’s personal space, compelling her, “the girl needs your help. Call Marcel, tell him you’ll be happy to oblige.”

At the plantation house, the witch Agnus offers to take Hayley to the super secret gynecologist out in the bayou. She reluctantly agrees, while Rebekah is in another room searching the internet for an attic with window shutters in New Orleans. Klaus walks in, and tells Rebekah he plans to get Davina on his side, and rob Marcel of his secret weapon.

At this random vampire bar, we find Josh adorably trying to get a daylight ring from Diego; and failing. Rebekah walks in asking if Marcel is seeing anyone else besides Cami, and as far as he knows, he isn’t. A ploy to get more information on Davina I’m sure.

The music festival begins, and Marcel and Davina meet up with Cami at Rousseau’s.

Meanwhile, at the bayou doctor Agnus drops Hayley off and makes a mysterious phone call alerting the audience that this is all a trap.

Rousseau’s is still hopping as we see Davina admiring the violin player, and Marcel and Cami talking at the bar. Marcel leaves them alone and Cami asks the name of “the hot guy with the fiddle.” Oh Cami, we should be friends. Davina reveals that his name is Tim, and they’ve known each other since they were ten.

We then find Rebekah at the church that houses Davina’s attic, trying to get information from Father Kieran (the priest at the church). She compels him, finds the attic, but cannot enter. All the sudden, we are transported with Rebekah what appears to another time in the past. Is the attic some kind of portal/time machine? No. Unfortunately, it was just Elijah entering her mind to tell her to leave him there because he has business to discuss with Davina. And also, look after Hayley and her unborn child, Rebekah promises to do so and leaves.

At the bayou doctor Hayley is finishing with her check up with a clean bill of health. The doctor starts acting sketchy and leaves the room while whispering to Agnus. The doctor comes back as Hayley responds to Rebekah’s text telling her she is at the bayou doctor. Hayley hears a wolf howling and looks out the window to see a car pull up, Hayley’s instincts are correct when she refuses the pills the doctor tries to give her when men start to show up at the clinic. The doctor tries to stab Hayley with a syringe but she fights back and locks the door to keep the men from coming in as she escapes through the window.

At the music festival Klaus compels Tim to go to the church and write Davina a note to meet him there. Klaus then finds Cami and compels her to give Davina the note. Cami and Davina arrive at the church to find Tim waiting. Cami gives them a moment while Davina and Tim reconnect. Tim talks of “the terrible stuff” that happened here, and we aren’t clued in yet on what that means, he also wonders why she stopped coming to school, and we don’t know why yet either. They flirt. It’s adorable.

Cami is up above listening to Tim play his violin (which I am sure is his signature move with the ladies) while also staring at a bloodied painting. Klaus approaches, they have another interesting conversation worthy of showcasing their dialogue.

“The boy has a gift. You can’t compel someone to play like that.”

“I know what you are. It’s crazy to me but at least it makes sense. But this massacre was just a pointless brutal thing. In your life, have you ever heard of anything like that? A good man, an aspiring priest just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere.”

“I’ve seen quite a lot in my time. The world is a pretty awful place, best to meet it on its own terms.”

“No. The world is not awful. People are not awful. They want to be good. Something makes them bad, something breaks them down, makes them snap. There are always signs, symptoms before someone has a psychotic break. The guy who did this had none of them. He didn’t drink, he didn’t do drugs.”

“You’re well informed on the matter… you knew him, didn’t you?”

“His name was Sean. He was my brother. My twin actually. I cant sleep, I dream about what happened, and I hate it. I hate that I couldn’t help him.”

“We all must stand alone against our demons.”

“What if someday his demons become mine too?”

“I have some business I should attend to, but before I do,” *compelling eye stare thing* “enjoy the music, put this out of your mind.”

Cami leaves and we transition back to the music festival where Father Kieran and Marcel have a frank discussion about The Originals returning and each other’s roles in the city.

Back at the church Klaus compels Tim to go count to 100,000 while he tries to get Davina on his side. It all starts to go down hill when Klaus threatens Tim, like we didn’t see that one coming. In a fit of rage, Davina busts open the windows and whooshes Tim and Klaus across the church.

In the woods, Hayley is running for her life against men with shotguns that appear to be doing Agnus’s bidding. Hayley is a badass pregnant lady as she’s snapping necks and jumping in the air and basically just kicking some ass. Rebekah finds Hayley in the woods and tells her to run when more of them were coming. Rebekah and Hayley are stabbed with arrows and collapse. Rebekah, I thought you were an Original? Shake it off.

Rebekah wakes and Hayley is no where to be found. Well, shit. Rebekah calls Klaus to inform him of their latest predicament and Klaus pushes Tim off a ledge in the church. Damn it, Klaus. We like Tim.

But Klaus being manipulative, heals Tim to get on Davina’s good graces. Klaus then whooshes away after he compels Tim to forget and leave. Seconds later, Marcel bursts into the church all concerned, but Davina’s rather perturbed and stalks back to her attic.

Klaus and Rebekah are at the bayou clinic trying to figure out who took Hayley. But not to worry! Hayley is walking back, and looks dazed and out of it. Klaus inspects her for injuries but there are none, Rebekah deduces that it was the result of the baby, being half vampire. Hayley says that there has been a wolf watching her and she thinks that’s how she escaped… it helped her. Rebekah wants to give Hayley some comfort so she tells her of Elijah’s message, to take care of her. That makes Hayley smile, and they go home.

Back at the vampire bar, Marcel is mad about them losing Cami and Davina today. Words were said. Necks were snapped. Rebekah walks in and is all seductive but Marcel resists her charms for Cami.

At Cami’s appartment, she and Klaus have another interesting conversation to be showcased.

“Klaus? What are you doing here?”

“I’ve had quite a night. I recall you mentioned something about nightmares and insomnia. I believe I can help. May I come in?”

“This is super weird. Come in… Wait. That’s right I told you what happened. I never tell anybody but I told you. And you said something about Sean standing alone against his demons. When he killed those men I thought he must be mentally ill, but what if it was demons? What if a vampire compelled him?”

“And if so, would you devote yourself to finding the guilty party? Would you sacrifice everything to find out the truth? To what end?”

“To what end? This is the entire reason I’m in New Orleans.”

“Cami, whatever lies on the other side of this mystery will only offer you pain. Nothing will bring your brother back. Your only hope for peace is to forget this.”


“And move on.”

“No. Don’t compel me to forget this.”

“And if I allow you to remember, the knowledge will eat away at you. Your quest for truth will only put you in danger.”

“You don’t care about me! You just want me to be focused on Marcel. So I’ll be a good little spy for you.”

“I need your loyalty yes. And though it may appear selfish to you, the scope of my plan goes far beyond myself. Power aside, I’m trying to honor my brother.”

“What about my brother? My twin brother. We were bonded our whole lives, and I know, I know he didn’t just snap, and I need to know who did this and I need to make this right. No. Don’t take this away from me!”

“You will do nothing. Your brother was ill. He killed those people and himself, and it was a tragedy. All you can do is move on… Know that your brother is at peace and that you needn’t worry. I will find out what happened. And when I do, I will make sure whoever harmed your brother will suffer. And as for you, tonight, you will sleep. And you will dream of a world far better than this one, a world where there is no evil, no demons, and all people desire… only to be good.”

At this point, I think Klaus compelling Cami to not agonize over her brothers death was 50% Klaus being selfish and 50% Klaus thinking he’s doing the right thing for Cami, because he cares about her.

Back in the attic, Davina discovers Elijah is out of his coffin and is ready to talk.

There you have it, that was S1E4 of The Originals.

Power Rankings:

#5 goes to… JOSH ROSZA!

For trying your best to adapt to life as a vampire.

#4 goes to… KLAUS MIKAELSON!

For being who everyone thinks you are, and for being who everyone thinks your not.

#3 goes to… CAMI O’CONNELL!

For being devoted to your brother and the truth.

#2 goes to… HAYLEY MARSHALL!

For kicking ass while with child.

#1 goes to… DAVINA CLAIRE!

For mercilessly boiling the blood of your enemies.

“If anyone tries to hurt anyone I care about, I’ll kill them.” -Davina Claire



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