S1E5 “Sinners and Saints”

We open in the attic, and partake in multiple shots of Elijah inspecting Davina’s throat, her pulsing veins, and doing his best not to feed. Elijah gives Davina a proposition, he’ll keep his brother in line while Davina breaks free from Marcel’s grasp so that there will be peace between the vampires and the witches.

Klaus meanwhile captures Sophie Deveraoux from Rousseau’s and brings her to the plantation house and demands an explanation on the attack on Hayley by the witches. Sabine’s vision was the cause, in that she prophesied that the baby will be death to all witches. Melodramatic, even for witches. 

Gather ’round kids! Because its story time, and Sophie has quite a tale. We flashback to Sophie dancing at Rousseau’s, partying, drinking, being an altogether party girl. She explains that Jane Anne was devoted to witch customs like her parents, but she wanted to rebel and travel, but she came back to work at Rousseau’s when she wanted to be a chef. In this flashback, Jane Anne walks in and tells Sophie that the elders are ready for the Harvest. What’s the Harvest? The audience, and Rebekah really want to know.

“Its a ritual our coven does every three centuries, so that the bond to our ancestral magic is restored. We appease our ancestors. They keep our ancestral power flowing.”

But apparently, most people in the coven thought the Harvest was just a myth. We flashback to young girls, dressed in white, kneeling in a line, getting there palms cut by a blade. Firstly, are you just going to ignore the potential diseases that can come from mixing blood? Secondly, what the hell is going on? A witch who’s cutting their palms repeats “to be reborn, we must sacrifice.” We see a familiar face among the girls; Davina. Sophie marches up and voices her outrage of the precedings, and shows special interest in a girl named Monique, who we later find out is her niece. 

Klaus gets a call from Marcel asking if he can meet up and help him find out who killed the witches in the bayou, because it looked like a werewolf but it wasn’t a full moon. But Sophie doesn’t want him to go because she needs to consecrate the witches remains so they don’t lose the link to their magic. As usual, anyone who wasn’t Klaus is overruled. Klaus leaves, and asks Sophie to save her story for later. 

At the church, Marcel shows up and Father Kieran isn’t happy that he’s had Davina locked up in the attic the whole time he was away (he took personal time after Sean). Marcel brushes him off and goes up to the attic and tells Davina that she’s moving out of there because too many people know where she is. Elijah and Davina are now alone, and she confides that Marcel is her family, and she relishes in the hurt that Marcel inflicts upon the witches, all because to complete the Harvest ritual (that she briefly explains to Elijah), she must die.

Meanwhile, Sophie, Hayley, and Rebekah decide to disobey Klaus and go get the witches remains from the bayou. Rebekah then calls Klaus and tells him to stall Marcel so they’ll have enough time to do it. Marcel and Klaus are at a roadside bar when Klaus prods him about Davina. Marcel humors him, and explains that eight months ago, the witches and vampires weren’t friendly, but they were far less hostile and murdery. In fact, Marcel and Sophie hooked up regularly and she told him of the Harvest.

They choose four girls for the Harvest, and its bestowed upon as a high honor. Monique and Davina were two chosen of four.

Marcel explains through flashbacks that Sophie went to Father Kieran to stop the Harvest, however, the witches retalliated on Father K by hexing Sean, solving the mystery of his spontanious murder spree.

In the attic, Elijah gets more contex from Davina about the Harvest. The witches told her the four chosen will be in a state of limbo as a offering, and will be brought back during the reaping. The reaping appears to have to happen at a certain time, if that doesn’t happen, and Davina isn’t sacrificed, she’ll be free. Free specifically of magic. The New Orleans witches will have their power slowly drain away. Davina also divulges that she want to be normal because she can’t always control her power, and she doesn’t want to hurt anybody. That’s when Elijah finds out about Sophie’s connection to Monique… which as Elijah concerned or intrigued. We’re not sure yet.

Back in the bayou, Hayley, Rebekah, and Sophie find the remains of the dead witches. The gore was completely lacking, I mean those bodies were in the swampy bayou for how long? 24 hours? They should be all bloated and disgusting. But I understand, who has time for that. And its gross. Anyway, they hear a noise.

Its Marcel’s informant. He runs away without saying first “an Original?” So he knows who Rebekah is and he’ll tell Marcel. Crap. When Rebekah calls Klaus, he tells her to come to the bar to distract Marcel so he can handle the situation. But while he waits for Rebekah to get there, Klaus wants to hear the rest of the story.

Yay! From Davina’s perspective, we finally get to see the Harvest! They were “lead out like princesses” at the creepy cemetery, wearing all white, continuing the tradition of eluding to virginal sacrifice. Apparently, they did everything that was needed before what they thought was a blood sacrifice. Sophie charges in, protesting but one witch has his hands over her mouth, restraining her so she couldn’t do anything to stop it. So as the first girl walks up to the altar, instead of a cut on the palm like the girls expected, her throat was slashed open. Chaos errupts! The girls have to be held back from running away as they scream for help. Davina’s own mother wouldn’t look at her. And the next girl was slaughtered. Its hard to watch as they are begging for their lives, but are continuously getting shoved forward. 

Marcel and his vampires come to the rescue as they swoop in and rip out the throats of opposing witches. Back in the present, Marcel explains that he found out every detail of the Harvest from Kieran, and that’s how he was able to intervine. The vampire ripped out the throat of the elder doing the Harvest, but one last one was able to quickly slit Monique’s throat.

Marcel see’s Davina fight for her life, and he saves her. The Harvest not being completed, and three girls dead, we see their power leaving their bodies and entering Davina. Making her the all powerful witch. So the ritual worked. Something happened, but we don’t know for certain that if the girls would come back to life as they said.

Klaus and Marcel are still drinking at a bar when Rebekah shows up to serve as a distraction. Klaus excuses himself to “use the loo.” Okay. So vampires have bodily functions just like humans? I know that’s not the sexiest thing to talk about but I do wonder. 

Marcel and Rebekah are left alone and we get a hint of a secret between Marcel and Rebekah that they both do not want coming to light. There’s major sexual tension.

The informant arrives outside the bar and Klaus is waiting for him. He snaps his neck. Problem solved.

While Elijah and Davina were talking he fixed Tim’s violin. As a good gesture we presume. Elijah voices his proposal once more with an added bonus: he will give her his mother’s grimoire to help her learn control. 

At the bar Rebekah and Klaus have lost Marcel. We find out that Marcel was stalling them as they wer stalling him so he can move Davina without being detected. As Marcel is taking Davina out of the church, she fakes a witchy magic attack so Marcel has to take her back to the attic. Its her way of accepting Elijah’s offer without Marcel being suspicious.

We get a flashback to Marcel first taking Davina to the attic, we get to see the special bond they formed quickly, and see how much Marcel cares for Davina.

In the present, Father K gets all worked up and demands that Marcel stay away from his niece. Whatever, sure, but who’s your niece? Cami? Shit.

At the bayou Sophie fills Hayley in on the Harvest ritual, and that Sophie now full heartedly believes in it.

Marcel walks in all pissed off at the compound to find Klaus standing on a ledge up above him. Words were said. A really cool sequence resulted as Klaus jumps from the ledge and ninja punches Marcel in the face. Elijah shows up. Klaus has a “oh shit” moment.

Rebekah and Hayley are back at the plantation house when Klaus walks in with Elijah. Happy reunion. Rebekah runs into her brothers arms, and he couldn’t be less interested as he sees Hayley walk into another room.

Elijah follows Hayley out on the back deck.

“You’re back.”

“I’m back.”


“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Welcome home.”

Weird interaction with weird sexual tension.

In the study, Elijah explains the 411 to the rest of the gang. The war between the vampires and the witches isn’t over territory. Its over Davina. When Hayley rolled into town pregnant with Klaus’ baby Sophie saw it as a opportunity to use Klaus to find Davina and complete the Harvest. The witches power will be restored and Monique will come back to life. Supposedly. 

Boom! S1E5 is complete!

Power Rankings:


For ruining a perfectly good pair of boots for Hayley.

#4 goes to… KLAUS MIKAELSON!

For ninja punching Marcel.


For doing anything you have to for family.


For having your patented necessary restraint.

#1 goes to… MARCEL GERARD!

For having a rule about kids.

“I will do what I want where I want. Got it?” -Marcel Gerard


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