S1E6 “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

A Poisoned Tree by William Blake

I was angry with my friend:

I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was angry with my foe:

I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears:
And I stunned it with smiles,

And with soft deceitful wiles.
And it grew both day and night.

Till it bore an apple bright.

And my foe beheld it shine,

And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole.

When the night had veiled the pole:

In the morning glad I see,

My foe outstretched beneath a tree.

Klaus is reading A Poisoned Tree while Elijah is skimming through their mother’s grimoire. The poem in Klaus’ hands could refer to Marcel, and the treachery he has inflicted in his eyes. Or even Elijah, his favorite brother, with whom he recongnizes has gotten close to the mother of his unborn child.

The poem’s vengeful words accompanied by the trickle of a dead girls blood on the coffee table put Klaus in an unknowable mood moving forward. Rebekah voices her agrivation about the stains being made on the carpet while Elijah spots Hayley heading into the kitchen, he of course gets up and follows her.

Hayley is perusing through the refrigerator experiencing momnesia, complaining that there isn’t any milk in the house. It’s hilarious as she gets out chocolate and ice cream for breakfast and Elijah rather subtly puts it all back and makes her a healthy breakfast, with milk. 

“Oh, milk.” Says Hayley after just complaining about the witches trying to kill her. Elijah reassures her that they’ll find a way to sever the link between her and Sophie.

The dead girl who was once layed macabrely across the coffee table is now being dragged through the kitchen by Rebekah.

“Who do we have to kill?” Says Rebekah. 

“Probably no one… All right, potentially everyone.” Elijah says jokingly.

Hayley looks gleeful as she takes a bite of her healthy breakfast as we cut to the title sequence.

At Rousseau’s, Sophie is cooking and Sabine is trying to discuss the latest witch business. But out of nowhere, hooded figures bitch-slap and knock out Sabine, and also blow some pixie dust into Sophie’s face and seemingly kidnap her.

Great. On to the next scene, Rebekah is trying her best to scrub out the blood stains on the carpet, her and Klaus banter, and in the ironic context of the previous scene here’s his line:

“Nonsense. Elijah’s back. In his presence all problems turn to pixie dust and float away.”

Elijah takes offense to that comment being that, Klaus recently had him locked in a coffin. However, he announces the mission for the day: he and Klaus will bring Davina a unlinking spell to use on Hayley and Sophie, and Rebekah will stay at the plantation house and look after Hayley. I wish they would of piled there hands on top of each other and shouted something like “go team” or “1, 2, 3, Mikaelson!” But they didn’t. 

At the vampire bar with no name, Marcel is brooding with booze and Josh takes this as a opportunity to kiss some ass. Marcel informs Josh that there are vampires eighty years ahead of him so no daylight ring. Sorry Josh.

However, Marcel isn’t done with him quite yet. Forgive me, but I’m about to go on a little tangent on Marcel’s line:

“You know Klaus Mikaelson? I asked you to give him a lift home a couple times, to the Palace Royale Hotel, right?”

Okay firstly, I know that this isn’t particularly mind-blowing, however, I can’t help but think about this. In what situation or in what context does Marcel ask Josh to give Klaus a lift home? How does a 1,000 year old vampire not have his own car? (I’m sure he does but that’s besides the point) Or have the means to get himself safely home? But then I thought are Original vampires seen as vampire royalty? I mean, throughout history people have hated the monarchs for which the citizens have no choice but to accept, which could apply to the Original family. You never see Queen Elizabeth driving her self back home to the castle (I know she doesn’t really live in a castle). Does Klaus Mikaelson, and maybe the rest of the Original family, demand to be driven around? We’ve seen them drive before I’m sure, but maybe its in certain social situations where they might want a driver. The Mikaelson’s have a inflated sense of entitlement, for which we have no doubt, but I never thought about what that entails. How much are the Mikaelson’s (if at all), treated like royalty? Does it just extend to rides home? Does the apparent fear of the Mikaelson’s derive from, not only the countless murdered, or the great difficulty it takes for them to be killed, but also their status as vampire royalty? Vampires who are the Originals, who were the first to compel, to experience highted emotion, sound, smell, speed, strength, the first to crave blood, the first to suck the life out of a person, the first to deal with that guilt. There is a wisdom in that. Wisdom breeds respect, and generally, (not in the case of the current president) wisdom and respect are associated with leaders, and with royalty. Every vampire is originated from either (now) Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. You are my ancestor, you are my creator, you are my… God? Therefore, if you need a ride home, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Or what I just said could be a bunch of crap, I mean Josh gives Klaus a ride to wherever because he doesn’t want to be killed. By either Marcel or Klaus. Which will be true among future vampire chauffeurs. But does Marcel order Josh to give Klaus a ride home for the same reason? I admit it’s complicated given the nature of Klaus’ relationship with Marcel and their propensity for scheming and manipulation.

Back to the episode, Marcel’s questions don’t stop there.

“Um, yeah, to the Palace Royale.”

“You see I stopped by his hotel, to say sorry about a argument we had. Turns out he lied about living there. Lied. Did you ever hear the phrase “uneasy is the head that wears the crown”?”

“Uh, “Lord of the Rings”?”

“No. Shakespeare.” Hilarious line reading. “When I was a kid, Klaus taught me to read with those plays, always about some king who gained the world but lost his soul, but now I get it. See, when it’s all said and done, and you look around at the empire you built, the only thing that matters is who you can trust.”

“There’s gotta be somebody, somewhere that you can trust, someone “to stick to you, through thick and thin— to the bitter end.” Sam and Frodo. “Fellowship of the Ring.””

“There is someone. We used to be best friends.”

Great scene between Josh and Marcel. So, Marcel is on to you, Klaus. And this episode is chalking itself up to be a game changer for the entire season.

There’s a quick cut of Elijah at Davina’s attic door with the grimoire in hand. Davina looks ecstatic to see he kept his promise.

Then there’s Cami, in a confessional with Father K. Who now we know is Cami’s uncle.

In the attic, Elijah doesn’t reveal that by doing the spell and by unknoting the rope, she’ll be unlinking Hayley and Sophie as well. She agrees to take one spell at a time from the grimoire, as long as it helps her learn control.

In the confessional, Cami’s upset that she’s not more upset about Sean. (Cami’s parents never get mentioned… sorry, another thought that I promise I won’t go on a tangent about… actually I might go on a tangent about it) Father K is like: that’s good your moving on continue doing so and don’t question it, but we know he knows about vampires and all their highjinks, so the advise is probably not the most honest. However, the despair and confusion Cami feels is completely heartbreaking. Losing someone in that way, while also dealing with that added on layer of mystery, being that he’s the one who inflicted his death (literally) and the fact he’s never acted in a way to suggest that he’ll be capable of such a thing. Cami studying psychology is probably the only catharsis she has right now. But with Klaus’ compulsion, a second catharsis is Marcel. Who has been blowing her off. And of whom Father K acts like he knows nothing about. As Cami leaves, we see Klaus up above watching. Great. So he’s listening to her private confessions too.

At the creepy cemetery, it appears that the witches were the hooded figures responsible for kidnapping Sophie. They chain her up but aren’t going to kill her on account of Agnes was there when she was born. They stick her with a needle. Needle is not the right word. They stick her with a abnormally long and thick syringe that makes me squirm if I think about it too much. The implication is that whatever is in the syringe causes abortions. Ah-oh.

At the plantation house, Hayley feels the stabbing sensation in her neck.

And at Rousseau’s, Elijah and Klaus find Sabine just now getting up from being knocked out. I guess they were closed for the day? Anyway, she tells them that the witches took Sophie. Fabulous. She pleads not to kill Agnes because she’s the only one who can do important spells. But since Elijah and Klaus are on to their hidden agenda, Elijah muses “like the Harvest Ritual?” Sabine’s thinking “Oh, shit” as Klaus attempts to communicate that they don’t care about Agnes or if the Harvest Ritual is completed. 

We cut to Marcel in the Garden, visiting Thierry. Thierry was Marcel’s best friend, and he needs to talk him about Klaus Mikaelson’s shadiness.

Rebekah is showing off her usual brand of apathetic sass while she makes sure Hayley’s getting something to eat. Hayley says she rather enjoys Rebekah’s bitchyness, when Rebekah then reveals she plans to leave as soon as possible. Thing to mention: Hayley is eating an apple. I find that rather clever of the writers or the props department because of the poem and the title of this episode. 

I understand Rebekah’s inclination to spend some time away from the madness. I mean, if I was a immortal vampire I would be traveling everywhere. Hayley starts feeling bad, and Rebekah notes that she’s burning up. That’s a bad sign.

Elijah and Klaus find Sophie and unchain her, and she tells them she was stuck by a needle that is meant to “kill a child still in utero by raising its blood temperature.” (Something that irked me was Elijah’s line following “its for a miscarriage” because God forbid we say abortion) They have until high tide to fix this. Sophie says Agnes used a simular object on Sean (she didn’t say Sean specifically I’m just summing it up). Klaus decides that Agnes should die, so where can he find her? Sophie’s not telling. And Elijah informs Sophie that they need to unlink her from Hayley, and they’re not in an alliance anymore. Sophie’s having a great day. 

At the Garden, Marcel gives Thierry some blood, and he’s not behind a wall anymore. Thierry tells him of his speculations of what really happened that night, and he is spot on. He also warns him to watch his back because someone is still being compelled. Which will be Josh. 

 At the church, Klaus interrupts a fake AA meeting.

“My name is Klaus, and you lot are the Faction— pillars of the community who maintain the city’s supernatural balance. I should know. I created this group, only in my day, it was a bunch of pirates and corrupt politicians. Looks like nothings changed.”

“One thing has,” Father K announces, “its exclusively human now. No vampires allowed, especially no Originals.”

“I haven’t come to join. I’ve come to ask this group to utilize its considerable resources to find a witch elder named Agnes. All I need is an address.”

“Why would we want to help you?”

“What if I’d told you Agnes was the answer to a question you’ve been asking since you ran screaming from this town, that she is the witch who hexed your nephew, Sean.”

“We’d need some time to discuss—”

“I DON’T HAVE TIME! Nor do I like being asked to wait.”

“You may have all the vampires cowering in fear but right now, you’re dealing with the humans, and unless you plan on killing all of us, I politely suggest you do as I say and give us time to discuss it.”

“You know what I like about you, Father? Is you’re aware of my reputation, and still you stand tall against me. Admirable. You have one hour.”

Klaus leaves and Father K wants the address not for Klaus, but for himself. Not the most priestly decision, but understandable.

Davina is trying and failing to unknot the rope, while Hayley is in bed at the plantation house, burning up. Elijah arrives with Sophie, and they send Rebekah off to get some herbs to help get the fever down.

At Katie’s shop Marcel interrupts Rebekah going through her things to find the herbs. He’s all inquisitive and flirty. But Rebekah has no time. She’s in and out in a jiffy.

Father K gets the address but Klaus stops him from leaving before he can talk to her. He wants Father K to bring Agnes here, and in exchange he’ll keep Cami safe. So he does.

Agnes is dragged in the church by some cops, and unfortunatly, Agnes says there isn’t a cure for dark objects. 

Elijah, Rebekah, and Sophie are working to slow the fever down in the backyard. Elijah takes her into the pool to cool off. Sophie says that holding her will slow the heart rate. Of course.

We cut back and forth between Hayley and Elijah in the pool and Davina attempting to break the link in the attic. In the nick of time, she unlinks Hayley and Sophie.

Elijah promises that he won’t let Klaus kill Agnes, and that he’ll be there shortly. After having changed in the plantation house, Rebekah tries to get Elijah to leave with her. But he doesn’t. Rebekah just wants to be free, and Elijah reminds her “you are free.” Its rather sweet, he wins some big brother points for that one.

Rebekah makes a stop at Marcel’s to say goodbye. He kisses her. She pushes him off. She kisses him. They have sex.

At the church, Klaus is waiting for Elijah to arrive.

“You’re a piece of work, Agnes. But guess what? I’m quite the piece of work myself. You know, I contemplated leaving bits of you artfully arranged outside your family’s tomb. I thought it would leave a fitting message. Don’t touch my family.”

At this point Klaus has her in a headlock ready to snap her neck when Elijah stops him. Elijah will forgive Klaus for daggering him in exchange for not making him break his word. Elijah rips out the hearts of three witches (?) standing by, and its then made clear that Agnes isn’t completely safe by his word.

“I swore you will not die by my brothers hand. I said nothing of my own. No one hurts my family and lives.” NECK SNAP “No one.”

Rebekah and Marcel are staring out the compound, post quoital. She eats a apple, and tries to get him to come with her. He won’t of course.

At the plantation house, Josh is at the door to warn Klaus that Marcel knows he’s been lying to him. Only Klaus isn’t there, and Hayley answers the door. Marcel witnesses this interaction and picks up an apple from a nearby tree. There’s a quick flashback to young Marcel throwing an apple at his slave driver.

There’s another knock at the door, Hayley answers, and its Marcel. Ah-oh.

Cami’s at Rousseau’s putting up chairs and cleaning up. So they weren’t closed today? Anyway Klaus shows up, and because they’re alone, she remembers about vampires and the promise Klaus made her. He tells her that the reason Sean killed those people and himself is because a witch hexed him. And that the witch is now dead. The implication being that he killed her, Cami slaps him.

“Forgive me if I’m a little surprised by your reaction.”

“How the hell am I supposed to react?! You just made me culpable in a revenge murder I never asked for!”

“I’ve been alive for a thousand years, and I can assure you, many have died for far less. Besides, now you can find comfort in the truth.”

“The truth? You compel me. You make me at peace with something that should be tearing me up inside! I don’t know how, but I will undo whatever the hell it is you’ve done to me! And when I do… you’re going to wish you never laid eyes on me.”

Cami is such a badass, I love it. And she’s right. No one should be stripped of there true feelings, or mind-controlled. Or murdered.

Outside Rousseau’s, Klaus is angrily walking away and Marcel shows up. Marcel gives Klaus permission to “date” Cami or whatever, and also reveals he’s been by his place. Not at the Palace Royale. His other place.

At the plantation house, Elijah can’t find Hayley so he calls Rebekah. She’s not with her either. Klaus enters the room and says “Marcel was here.”

The end.

Power Rankings:

#5 goes to… KLAUS MIKAELSON!

For keeping your promise and for letting Elijah keep his word.

#4 goes to… JOSH ROSZA!

For the Lord of the Rings references. 

#3 goes to… CAMI O’CONNELL!

For standing up for the truth and your values.

#2 goes to… MARCEL GERARD!

For uncovering Klaus’ true intentions.


For carefully selecting the words for which you make your promises.

“You’ll be astounded by the things I know.” -Elijah Mikaelson


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